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Cloning / Seed Starting

Even if you have absolutely no cloning experience at all you can have your CloneBucket set up and running within 15 minutes. Instructions on how to clone successfully using a Clone Bucket are included with each system.

100% successful cloning rate is expected. This is a time tested design that has had fantastic success with a multitude of plant species and varieties. Expect plants to root in half the time of a conventional system without the problem of wilting or the trouble of a humidity dome (Under no circumstance should a humidity dome be used with an aeroponic cloner.)

CloneBuckets creates explosive root development which will aid in all phases of your plants life producing greater vigor and yield. After 3 days you will see tiny root bumps coming off of your cutting. In 5-7 days roots are formed and expanding rapidly.

At the 10-14 day mark your newly rooted plants are ready to transplant into whatever growing system you prefer. Although, certain plants can live their entire life cycle in CloneBucket, your plants will also perform great in soil, a Deep Water or Aeroponic, Ebb and Flow, or NFT grow system.