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     CloneBucket.com is owned by Hydro West, makers of CloneBucket and AquaBuckets.

     Since 2005, Hydro West has been committed to selling affordable hydroponic equipment. You will find our products work the same if not better than other expensive competitors models. CloneBucket and AquaBuckets are based on the same principles as professional hydroponic greenhouses. CloneBuckets use aeroponic misting technology to clone your favorite plants with minimal effort. Then transplant into AquaBuckets Deep Water Culture Systems for explosive results.

     All parts to CloneBuckets and AquaBuckets are available on this site, and we can assure you that we are here to stay. All plant food, rooting agents and bug control products found on this site have been tested by Hydro West. We do not sell anything that we do not use ourselves, and therefore every item sold on this site is highly recommended to save you money on overpriced gardening equipment.

     If you ever have a question regarding Hydro West products or anything else on this site you can email us at sales@clonebucket.com.

     If you ever need technical support, we are here to assist in any way we can. Please email sales@clonebucket.com or call 1-866-957-9992 ext 1. Questions are free of charge.